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Hola! [Sep. 9th, 2005|09:28 am]
[mood |creativecreative]
[music |In Deep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life]

Hi. I'm BigBlack81, a black male from Atlanta, GA. I take pics with my camera phone and I tend to centralize on shots made during my travels. I live for shots of girls wearing VPL, pull me thongs, suggestive clothing and the like. I photoshop some of the pics to give better clarity but rarely ever do excessive retouching. My last few journal entries have more of my better work made with my camera phone.

'Seeing as I've just joined the community and this will be my entry post I'd like to talk somewhat about why I stalk the subjects I do. As some of you more astute readers have noticed, I like to take photos of girls on the trains and buses and in my travels and goings. Part of it is totally about my own personal titilation. I admit, looking at pics of girls that I spent the time lusting over and have a permanent memory of does make me stiff from time to time. Rarely, but true. It must be said and thus it was. I tend to believe that if I could take living pictures like in the Harry Potter books like the ones I've been taking with my camera phone, I'd so not even date. I'd just love the memories. I'm such a dork.

But, honestly, the bigger and much more prevalent reason why I take such pictures is because a lot of the subjects I photograph look and act and project an air of uncomfortablilty being on public transportation. I like, nay LOVE seeing that. Emilie explained to em that she's very skeeved about the idea of ANYONE being able to take public transit and I think, honestly, that a lot of young ladies in most cities feel that way as well. I can't chat up most of the girls on the trains that I see and fancy because I know and can see the fear and partial loathing on their faces from being on the rails and having to deal with the assholes that CAN be there. So I take their photos as a way of immortalizing the complete lack of ability for people to just interact on a day to day.

Now, this isn't always the case. Often, I strike up conversations with girls I can talk to or ask questions to them in such a way that I'll get an open ended response. With guys this is easier, of course, but overall conversations though rare can happen on the rails. Delays often give me the best intro to talk to people on the rails and MARTA is rife with such delays. I like being able to chat up some girl that I've snapped some photos of and I hope to have more courage to do so in the future. But I do wish we weren't so scared as a people so I could get these girls and guys to pose somewhat. I like seeing faces and faces are rare in my line of work.

But we do with what we can. And I continue to brave being beaten up for my art. Overdramatic? Hardly. This IS the post 9/11 America and I DO have arabic first and second names... *sighs*

Onto the pics...